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Emerald Mist Christmas Tree Farm - Oswego, NY

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Picture of Christmas tree field
Emerald Mist Christmas Tree Farm

Welcome to Emerald Mist  Christmas  Tree Farm!

We're a family run tree farm. We'd love to see your family enjoy the special experience of walking through snow-covered fields to choose and cut your own perfect Christmas tree.  We supply a large sled, saw, and kneeling pad.  For those of you not up to this task, we also offer pre-cut trees.

Emerald Mist Christmas Tree Farm

1484 Rathburn Rd.

Oswego, NY 13126


Owner: Paul Czerow


Daphne, the Santa dog

Daphne the Santa dog

Emerald Mist Christmas Tree Farm, 1484 Rathburn Rd., Oswego, NY 13126